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U2’s “Kiss the Future” Global Tour Details Forthcoming

Posted in u2 by huckd on March 6, 2009

u2-100Details for U2’s global tour in support of “No Line on the Horizon” will be released on March 9, according to Billboard. According to the release, the band will play stadiums around the world, beginning June 30 with a stop in Barcelona and a jaunt through Europe, then over to American soil on September 12 with a stop at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Tickets will be between $30 and $55, though the range gets higher ($90 to $250) in different markets. Presales will begin late March/early April for the North American tour.


U2 to play secret gig at the ‘Dise March 11 in Boston

Posted in boston, the paradise, u2, Uncategorized by huckd on March 1, 2009


Internet rumblings are pointing to a run of radio performances, plus the possibility of a secret gig or two in New York, LA, Chicago and Boston. The rumor has it that U2 will perform at the Paradise in Boston, even though it is booked that night by the reggae troupe the Wailers.

The air wave take over is in preparation for the release of U2’s new album, “No Line on the Horizon.”

Here is what their schedule is shaping up to look like:

March 2 to 6: David Letterman performances plus a private gig at Fordham University on 3/6
March 9: L.A. performance
March 10: Chicago performance
March 11: Boston performance

Radio station 104.1 WBCN of Boston says there will be a “major U2 concert annoucement” on air at 7:15 a.m. Monday.

Thanks to Eric Danton for the tip-off.